Tennis Centre

In 2009 I started a project that consisted of removing all existing tennis courts lights and polls and installing and wiring of 6 courts with new lighting.

A seperate contractor installed all new fencing.

This project was completed in three stages:

  1. Removal of all old existing light poles and wiring
  2. Erect all new poles and light fittings
  3. Wire all light fittings back to clubhouse

We removed all old poles with the use of a scissor lift and cut up the old poles to be disposed of.

The new poles were 7 meters high with one meter buried in the ground. These poles were held up with one cube meter of concrete at the base of each pole.

We than had to excavate 14 holes one meter deep to insert these light poles.

When all holes were excavated poles were dropped in and braced until two cement trucks came and pumped concrete into each cubic meter hole to support each light pole. Next stage was to mount each light fitting to each pole with the use of a scissor lift. All these light fittings were then wired in conduit supported by the fencing back to the clubhouse and wired separately, each having its own time clock.

All this work had to be done with out damaging the existing astro turf, which was kept and maintained.



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